Woolly Bears

I started reading a book today for the first time in a year and once eye strain took over I decided to go for a walk. I made it to the bench installed by the O’Hill Dog Walkers and once I stopped gasping like a guppy on the floor I noticed what a great day it was. I wish I’d brought my camera but shoulda, woulda, coulda; it would have been a picture good enough for the Pentax forums contest. The bench was installed by two guys that were both born in 1921, I like to think they went to UVA together and stayed friends for 75 years. They both liked to walk dogs.
It was a perfect day but I”m wondering if mother nature is about to strike. Last year I brought a new snow shovel I couldn’t afford and it never snowed (always happens) but today I saw two Wooly Bears and they were both solid black, Mike also says it’s supposed to be the snowiest winter on record. Brrrr!
It was a little chilly this morning and when I went out at first light there were three planets in the southern sky along with the near full moon. Kind of pretty.
The only other strange I saw was there were only old men out walking, no young girls jogging, don’t they know we need encouragement to get healthy ?


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