The Bees are Busy


Made it back up the hill today, it was kind of deserted up there, only saw one lady with a dog and a jogging couple. It was nice but a little cool.

I came back down the road and through the Hereford Collage as usual because my legs were feeling week. I’ve been thinking about walking up to McCormick Road and looping back over the mountain like I used to but there would be nowhere to take a break.
There was some kind of strange vegetable growing in the student garden, one plant had yellow flowers while another had white. The fruit was pointing down one the bushes with yellow flowers and it was pointing up on the ones with white flowers, I’ve seen that in different kinds of peppers but these look identical except for flower color. I took some pictures of the flowers but they didn’t turn out well. I was using my old camera and for some reason it has trouble focusing on yellow.

I think some one picked a bunch of the husk tomatoes but there were still plenty on the bush.

Lots of bees working, they’re getting for winter.

Finely made it home so I took a picture of the other side of the fire station. They’re moving right along.


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