No One Told The Woolly Bear

I was a week late but you never know. While the leaves were peaking in Waynesboro the ones on the Skyline Drive were mostly done. It was rather blustery yesterday but bright and sunny. I tried to climb Calf Mountain to the bald on top but the third time I realize I wasn’t going to make it I turned around and took the other path. I saw a tree glowing in gold light and when I got close I saw another guy was photographing it, I took my turn I started to leave and met another girl waiting her turn, the tree was drawing us to it. I only made it as far as the Crimora Lake Overlook and headed back to the El Rancho for lunch, I had a really good chicken burrito. If any one wants to drive up the drive I have a week long pass.

No one told this Woolly Bear it’s going to be a hard winter, wide brown band.
This is as far as I made it up Calf Mountain.

There were a lot of these, I don’t know the bears hadn’t eaten them yet.

It was quite blustery.


4 thoughts on “No One Told The Woolly Bear

    • That’s a beautiful part of the country which I get to far too infrequently; perhaps in the future. Very nice photos of a splendid time of year!

      Those red berries look like Japanese barberry, which has the nastiest little needle-like thorns – I imagine might be why your local bears avoid them (though doubtless with a sad, sidelong glance…

      …and thanks, fragtal, for the linky-love. We’re moving past our Autumn color season up here, so come and get it while the gettin’s good! šŸ™‚

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