A Short Stroll

I walked up to Dirty Nell’s today but she wasn’t there so I came home. I was waddling like a duck when I got home but I made it. It’s the first walk I’ve made in almost two weeks, if I can I’ll check on Nell again tomorrow. My hip was only a little stiff but my legs were a little tired, probably from lack of Cheetos. I finely figured out putting my foot up on a stool was making my hip sore, when I sat with my feet on the floor the pain went away almost instantly. So I think I’ll just hang around here in the pasture and dream of Cheetos until they put me in the barn.
It took me three stores but I found another book to read, ( two books in one year, unheard of ). I had a hard time finding the store on the mall, it was hidden deep in York Place. I’d have parked in a different place if they’d had the correct address on their website, shame they didn’t have the book I was looking for. Now if I can just find a pair of reading glasses.


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