Morning Report

Day 4 of cat watching, they’ve started to take me for granted. Hopefully this computer will last until I finish this. I’ve found a nice duel core one with lots of ram on black Friday sale and a nice quad four one with not much ram not on sale. I probably should but tires instead.
I just went to Trader Joe’s on the way home, I don’t think I’ll go there again, Donald Trump could afford to shop there but not the guy who just ran for president. I’ve forgotten his name already, how sad for him. It’s Smart Shopper for me from now on, it’s a much better store even if it’s 25 miles away.
Karen’s Christmas cactus is blooming away nicely even thou it’s not Christmas yet.

The Cat with one blue eye.

Sheena eating chair.

Halloween Cat.

Sentry Cats.

What do they see ?

Super Cat or The Cat with Laser Eyes ?

Well, back to cat duty.


7 thoughts on “Morning Report

    • So that’s what she does during the day when no ones home. It was her twin that escaped from Teds house Sunday after only 823 days of planning. Fortunately he hadn’t planned what to do after he escaped and was easily shooed back inside when Ted and Gary came back.

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