Eye Doctor

I went to the post office and eye doctor today, more bad news. I now have 20-50 eyesight and dry corneas. My cataracts have gotten worse and he said if I had insurance he would sand me to the surgeon. He said to come back in 6 months if my eye sight goy worse or in a year when I qualify for medicare. I need to find a rich woman (hint hint) to marry so I can jump on to her insurance. My leg is a little better but I still need two canes to walk, my eye doctor thinks it’s a hernia too but he also gave me the name of a specialist which I have already forgotten if it is osteoarthritis.


2 thoughts on “Eye Doctor

    • No, I qualified for Obama Care but it was $300 a month. With my disability I will be eligible for Medicare on 1/1/14 or maybe 5/1/14. I might be eligible for Medicaid but don’t know if it’ll help. When Blue Cross & Blue Shield reached $800 a month for $3000 deductible I had to let it go.

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