Post Office

I made a mistake, I was headed to North Garden to the post office but went to Barracks Road instead as 10 miles closer. If I’d gotten my stuff ready this morning I could have dropped it off at Scottsville. Anyway no more post office this year unless a pretty girl want’s to play.

I saw the dentist in Scottsville this morning and my tooth is cracked into 3 peaces so I ordered another crown. I’m going to have to start selling Ted’s extra cats to pay for it.

They brought a whole truck load of drywall next door this morning and I started vibrating, I told the supervisor if he could get me up on the scaffold I’d cheerfully hang all the ceilings. He said the main bay ceiling was getting ether sheetrock with styrofoam under it or the sheetrock with foil backing, they hadn’t decided yet. I’m going to pull up a chair and watch, maybe I can get Joe to come by and help. I didn’t tell the guy I wouldn’t put the sheetrock up in a building without any windows or doors yet, it’s going to suck water out the air like a sponge and then freeze. Then again there’s a spring under the building so it might not matter.

In other news I was able to walk from the dining room to the bathroom and back last night without my cane, maybe I’m getting better. This morning I took a couple steps and everything started to seize up again but it’s a lot better than it was. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate the occasion by going to the Baja Bean for lunch, batter dipped jalapenos, yum. Anybody want to join me ?


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