What Am I Going To Do With All These Nuts ?

Yesterday was a lot of fun, went to Sugars for lunch and visited with everyone there. Always a good time. Then off to Gary’s for home made pizza with spaghetti on the side and some Anime.

I woke up this morning with almost no pain in leg bone, some thing about sitting in Sugar’s chair for a couple hours made my hip better. I only used one cane to get around this morning almost didn’t need it but one trip around the house and I could feel the muscle  tighten up. I felt so good I mopped most of the bathroom floor and then ran upstairs and looked out the window. Then I guilted myself into going out and buying more Christmas stuff. I went to the Virginia Shop and got a can of nuts and one for myself, then they gave me another one for being such a good costumer. What am I going to do with all these nuts, the doctor said no more salt but he’s not here. With all this running around I probably won’t be able to walk by supper time, hopefully I’ll be able to put my pot pie in the oven.


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