I just got back from the dentist and now have a brand new tooth ordered. This one is going to be all metal instead of metal with a ceramic coating like the other ones. He said this was better since I don’t have much room back there. I said I didn’t care as long as it worked. If anyone needs a dentist I highly recommend Dr. Baier, he’s very good. It didn’t take him long to grind the tooth down and make a temporary one. Now if my face would stop being numb.

Today was the second day for the dentist new building and it is really nice, I particularly that I got to park right next to the door. The only thing I saw wrong was that row of screws under the receptionist window that didn’t get covered. Wayne never finishes over those screws claiming they get covered by a trim board, there was no trim, just the board coming through the window.

I stopped at the Dollar General on the way out of Scottsville as the fellow on the radio said one model called for a inch of snow tomorrow and another one was calling for 4 to 8 inches whatever shall I do? At least I have bread and tp now. I need a ticket to Hawaii so I can crash at Sugar’s and visit Pat until spring. Then I need to hit the lottery so I can pay the dentist.


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