Windy Day


Warm and windy day, it feels like March is here, wouldn’t that be a hoot? If I had a ride up the hill I’d poke my camera out the window and take some pictures of the parkway. It’s been quite here for two days. The workers didn’t come to work yesterday or today. I know it’s Sunday but a few of them usually show up and make some noise for half a day. It must be the holiday, they only took one day off for Christmas but if they take tomorrow off too it’ll be a three day vacation for MLK Day. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so the clinic will be open, I called in a couple of prescriptions Friday and the machine said they would be ready today but I know it’s wrong because they’re not open on weekends. They usually take 2 days to fill so I’m hoping they’ll be ready Tuesday because I run out Wednesday. If the pharmacy is closed Monday also things might get tight. I can’t worry about that now thou because the dust bunnies are forming ranks under the table and I must prepare for and attack.



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