New Tooth !

I got my new tooth, turns out they’re so expensive because they’re made out of gold alloy. I’ve only bitten myself a few times so far, I may have to take a file to it. While I was in Scottsville I ran into Sammy for the first time in almost 3 years. I miss working with him, he’s a lot of fun. Then I went to Antioch to see where Wayne is working and then drove home thru Wood Ridge. I miss working back where you’re away from it all. Actually I was about 2 minutes from Mike’s brothers house. I wish I’d thought to bring my golf balls, I have a couple hundred and there’s a guy that buys them there and refurbishes them.

Today I walked around the shopping center for 15 minutes then went to Kroger. It was good after thinking I’d taken my last hike in the woods or walk on the beach. Now I just have to decided if I’m going to make chilli or spaghetti for dinner or maybe take myself out to dinner for Valentines day. I could go to Staunton and take on the 7 pound burrito.



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