The Drilling Continues

They’ve moved the well drilling rig next to the house and started drilling well #4. I thought the foreman told me they were already getting plenty of water with the other 3 wells, I don’t know what they’re going to do with all that water. We are apparently sitting on a dome of water so they won’t have to start fracking  anytime soon. Last week they started installing smooth paneling on my side of the building, I’m not sure if they’re for training to repel or if they ran out of cut stone and put this up because it’s cheaper.


I went to see my coumadin nurse this morning to get my blood back to it’s soupy state. I forgot to take my pill Saturday night and it stopped flowing. They’re going to take me off of it for March Madness and put me back on two shots a day for that week. I don’t mind shots but I hate giving them to myself. Actually it’s not that basketball effects me that much but that they’re going to shove a endoscope up my who-ha and look around. I hope the doctor at least buys me dinner this time.

Maybe if I survive all this I’ll go fishing in the spring, I hear the fish are starting to head north. Unfortunately the slough oysters will be out of season by then.


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