Anybody Need a Bee Coop ?

Wayne attacked the tree in the back yard today, Dave may have waited too long, much of the tree is hollow. He thinks it would be good for bird houses or maybe bee hives. A lot of it is still good for firewood. Now someones going to have to drag it down the hill as I’ve been forbidden to touch it or my man will quit. Not much danger of that happening, after dragging one lap down hill and standing around for half an hour I was too tired to cut the computer on. I moved the plywood siding that fell on the red rose, it smashed it flat but it might come back. The two wind storms this year did a lot of damage. Now they’re calling for Wednesdays snow apocalypse to end with another wind storm, hopefully the snow will hold everything down. Now I have to rest up so I can watch tv when my nerves calm down.


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