Power !!

6 Pike Electric trucks showed up around 8 this morning, I was so excited I had tinkle, then I ran from window to window too look out. They spent so long conferring and pointing this way and that I thought I was going to have to go out and take over. At one point one of them said there was so little room to park you couldn’t walk a dog down the street. They got the power back on at 9 and I got to work throwing all the food in the freezer away. It may have still been good but everything was defrosted.The only thing I saved was the dozen eggs I boiled on the camp stove this morning. I see a trip to Smart Shopper soon, I could try the discount store in Culpeper if I can find it, I wonder what it’s called ?

Now I have to figure out how to get the kerosene smell out if the house, the heater kept the living room at 60 but the rest of the house was much colder. I wonder how people survived without lights or tv. Nothing to do but sit and stare into the dark, I couldn’t read by flashlight to well. I think I’ll set the clocks a day early for daylight savings time, no since in setting them twice.

Imagine the first picture as last, I don’t know why this program keeps putting the last picture first. It also keeps eating my posts, this is my second try on this one and I can’t remember what I said before.




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