Cupeper Is Still There

I went to Culpeper today, I didn’t meet the colonel but I did learn that General A. P Hill was from there. I met Robin at the Culpeper Museum of History , they have a nice little museum. They only had two dinosaur foot prints witch was a little disappointing, they were about the size of Pat’s hand. They had some interesting Native American artifacts and a large collection of arrowheads found in Virginia. They had the usual civil war items with more swords than normal and a rare French revolver with an even rarer bullet, I believe these were the first true bullets.
We then went looking for a quite place to talk and found the Culpeper National Cemetery, they had a lot of monuments to the Army of the Potomac’s fallen from the battle of Cedar Mountain. I did notice one thing when I got home, the purple plum trees were blooming in the medium strip on JPA. It must have been the snow storm, the forsythia bushes aren’t even blooming yet.


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