Saint Mary’s River

I went to the Saint Mary’s River yesterday and took a short walk up the trail. I only went a couple hundred yards and was still feeling out of sorts from the allergic reaction from the heparin shots so I turned around. I’d like to see the falls again but that’s not going to happen any time soon. I came in through the Big Levels fire road and I can say, there’s nothing level in there. I did see one turkey getting ready for spring gobbler season but I couldn’t get his picture. There’s something going on in there called The South River Project but I don’t know what it is. I saw a good bit of orange netting and a backhoe and a number of cleared circles about a hundred years off the road.

At the St. Marys the lot was full but I only saw a couple girls playing by the river and met one group on the trail. The little white flowers were blooming and I found several masses of frog eggs in a pool so spring must be here. The guy leading the group told me the trail was washed out about 700 yards up the trail but that’s normal up there. I also saw one native trout but he saw me and hid before I could take is picture, you have to be fast to photograph wildlife.

Then it was off to Gary’s for dinner and cat play. Treena is still leery of Molly.

Big Levels

Big Levels

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rock imbedded in root

rock imbedded in root

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