Where’s the Superintendant ?

I mowed the top half of the yard this morning, I’ve learned I have no energy left in the afternoon. The bottom half of the yard I’m giving to the snakes, they need a home too. While mowing I noticed the outside water faucet no longer turns off, I wish the workers next door using it had said something. I have no idea how long it’s been running, could be thousands of gallons. I think they did use 10,000 gallons one month. I  bought a new gas can this morning, says it Eco-friendly, even use it in the name. It’s not, gas pours out around the fancy lock on the snout and gets everywhere except in the tank. I’m going to email the company before I take it back, I may have to have Pat edit the letter before I send it, I want it to look official. Now I’m just waiting to see what happens next, last time I mowed grass I was on a walked for 10 weeks. I wonder if you can keep goats in the city?



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