Foster House

I’ve walked up to Brandon Ave the last couple days, I think that has me walking 2 1/2 miles and takes an hour. Today I noticed an exhibit set up across from Cable Hall, I thought it was going to be the Sally Hemings house but it was the Foster house site along with the family graveyard. Apparently she was a freed slave who did laundry for the students and faculty. A little black community grew around her house and after the Rotunda burned the rector had Cable Hall build on the other end of the lawn to hide the unsightly houses. There’s an exhibit on the first floor of Gibson Hall I’ll have to look at if I walk up there when it’s open; Ive taken to walking at 5:30 in the morning to beat the heat. Here is an article I found on the subject.

I’ve got my laptop working again after hitting a tree at 87 mph while surfing the cloud, it not working all that well so I may have to buy a new one. I just have to figure out if I should get the desktop at wal-mart or a laptop from bestbuy. Best-buy will let me finance one but office supply has machines with 6 ram and bestbuys only have 4 ram.

Have a happy 4th and remember, let go of the fireworks before they go off.



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