I Saved a Lizard

I took a good long walk in the fog this morning, it was a little hard to breath but cool enough to be comfortable. I made it back just in time as the fog turned to drizzle on the way to Wolf Trap Mountain. Everyone’s gone to Holden Beach this week so I’m on cat duty, they claim they’re hungry every time I see them. I thought Treena cat had something and she took it out on to the porch but when I looked back Sheena cat had something. It was a baby lizard and quite cute so I scooped it up and put it outside. I hear Holden Beach is nice, I wonder if they have ghost crabs there also.

I bit my cheek pretty good eating breakfast this morning and it’s still oozing this afternoon, more fun with blood thinners. Hopefully it’ll stop after supper.

This is my 100th post, I had a nice one written this morning but wordpress ate it, I hate it when that happens. I may celebrate by going to the Baja Bean or maybe The Depot in Lynchburg.


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