Another Book

I finished another Bo Tully book today. I was going to take it back tomorrow but realized someone else might want it so I took it back today. I’ll start his next book tonight unless I pass out like usual.
I was going to grill a pork tenderloin center cut for dinner but didn’t have any brown sugar so I’m having frozen chicken patties and fried squash and corn instead.
I managed to run my third red light this week on the way to the library, I’ve got to stop doing that. I ran one yesterday and the nice policeman pulled up next to me at the next light. I grinned at him and he grinned back and we agreed it didn’t happen. His shift was ending and he didn’t have time to wright a ticket, fortunately!


1 thought on “Another Book

  1. I started the next book, we’re already trapped at a resort by an avalanche. I for to mention that with his writing style it like being there, it’s almost all dialog.

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