Frozen smoke

Blows on the road

That’s enough; Winter


If I have to tell you that was a haiku I may have done it wrong. After going to the market, the drug store and finely the pharmacy I decided I couldn’t face Brussels sprouts again so I went to the East Garden and filled up on broccoli, shrimp and wasabi. Now I’m going to apply some Vicodin to my broke hip and sprained neck. I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. It’ll also make watching “Better Off Ted” even better, if you haven’t seen this show you need to track it down, one of the funniest shows ever. Friday I get to see the specialist to see if he can figure out why my liver and gall bladder are fighting each other. They’ve been quite this week but I don’t want more trouble. If it gets down to 1 degrees again I’m going to need a ticket to Hawaii and a friend with a reclining chair.    


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