Another Book Report, Si-Cology 101

I just finished another book, Si-Cology 101 by Silas Roberson with Mark Schlaback. Yes he’s a character on Duck Dynasty and I figured it would be a easy silly fun read but it was not what I expected. The first half was about him and his brothers growing up in Vivian and Dixie Louisiana where they spent most of their time hunting, fishing and playing tricks on the youngest one, Si. The second half was different, it was inspirational. It was about his tour in Vietnam, mostly spent in Can Tho, an air force base and city in the Mekong Delta. He met his wife while stationed in Massachusetts and left the army. He rejoined the army a year and a half later when They realized they made a better living and were happier when he was in the army. They spent a lot of time in Germany and had two children after being told they probably couldn’t have them. The girl turned out to be too smart and had to start preschool at three, she could read before she started kindergarten. The son was born premature and had problems, he was diagnosed with attention disorder, hyperactivity and behavioral disorder but they later figured out he was suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. After 24 years the army retired him and they spent several years in the mountains of Alabama before moving back to Louisiana were he went to work for his brother making duck calls and becoming the star of a reality show. He is not the person you see on the show. When asked about racism he said “Hey, if you’re a Christen, racism is out. God made mankind from dust and then He made woman. We don’t  even know what color Adam was,” He sais growing up in Dixie there were only 6 white kids in the whole town so most of his friends were African-American. His philosophy has always been God will make things work out if it’s meant to be. All in all it was a good book and I recommend it, I think I’ll read the rest of them, who knows, they might be good.


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