I Got A Girl This Time

Just got back from the doctor, I got a girl this time. Of the 5 doctors I’ve trained since 2007 4 of them have been girls and I’m more comfortable with them. My blood pressure is lower than it’s been in a few years and that’s what’s making my ears are ring. I was having my new umbilical hernia checked because it was sore to the touch for a few days but since has gotten better. The doctor said they usually didn’t fix those because they use mesh to fix them which causes scaring and that causes pain. Then they scheduled an appointment with the surgeon anyway and told me to start using the CPAP I was prescribed several years ago but couldn’t afford so I didn’t get it. She said it helped with surgery. Now I just need to figure out where to go for my celebratory lunch.

Oh, my blood pressure was 123/60,pulse 76,temperature 97.9, oxygen 98% and Body Mass index 44.56 kg/m2 ?


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