Happy, Happy, Happy

I just finished the Duck Commander book; almost. It is about growing up poor in the 40’s and 50’s where they grew most of their food and had to hunt and fish for the rest of their food. Their log cabin didn’t have a bathroom but they did had a pipe that brought water into the house and they had tapped onto an old gas well which had barely enough pressure to run the stove. They had to put coals from the fireplace under the water pipe in the winter time to unfreeze it in the mornings. Basically they grew up like they were living in the 1850’s.  Their were 4 boys and a girl and the boys all got into collage on athletic scholarships. Phil got married as soon as he started collage and while Kay was still in high school. He managed to get a bachelors degree in physical education and a masters in education and started teaching high school English. From there he spiraled down with alcohol an drugs and ended up managing a honky-tonk in Arkansas which he claims was one of the only places that allowed blacks and whites in a the same time. They each had their own side with a wall in between and their own music. He says it was before desegregation but near as I can figure it would have been 1973. He hit rock bottom when he was 28 and that’s when he turned to God and worked his way back up. He went back to teaching then quit to become a commercial fisherman and later to start making duck calls. It was an interesting journey and some how he built a large business. The next to last chapter he talks about his preaching and baptizing thousands of people. Three of his sons are ordained preachers but you wouldn’t guess it from watching Duck Dynasty. The show is nothing like real life but it’s fun to watch. IN the last chapter he talks about his politics which are Jeffersonian and farther out there than the tea party, I couldn’t finish the chapter. He seems to think healthcare money is only used for abortions. It is a good book and worth the read but it’s too descriptive and he goes into too much detail sometimes, I liked Si’s book better.
The book I asked the library to buy came in yesterday so I’m reading “Never Have I Ever” by Katei Heaney next, I hope it’s silly.  


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