Last Book

I finished “The Duck Commander Family” and it was enjoyable. Of the 4 books Si’s was the best and this one was right behind it. In some ways it was better. This book, “Happy Happy Happy”, and “Good Call” pretty much tell the same story but this one was the easiest to read. You can tell Phil has the master’s degree because he is the wordiest. He doesn’t talk much in real life but when he writes he tells the story the long way. This book was written by Willie and Korie and it is interesting as they tell the story from their different perspectives.
There are also recipes at the end of each chapter so you’ll be able to cook catfish, rice and beans, garlic frog legs and squirrels the correct way. They even tell you how to make duck gumbo and duck wraps.
Now I need to find something else to read. I requested the library to buy a new book this morning because they’ve run out of books. I guess I’ll have to go back to National Geographic’s for awhile, lots of pictures to look at there.


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